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The Magic Of Enthusiasm For Your Business - - Proven Entrepreneur Podcast


In this Episode, Don dives into the meaning of enthusiasm and how it can improve anyone in the field of business. Enthusiasm could be that extra element that bridges the gap between failure and in improving your business.






Don explains that the root word of Enthusiasm in Greek means the “God within” and that is exactly what we should aim for if we want to improve our life or business.

A person who takes applies the magic power of enthusiasm gains an advantage in his personal and business life. Enthusiasm allows the person to almost unlimited energy and focus. It gives the person, the perspective that he needs to finish a task or to sell a product.

What then is the meaning of real enthusiasm?

Don says that there is a difference between the kind of enthusiasm that is portrayed in television or movies that we normally experience. When we see someone going up in a stage, with a big voice and puts on an act, we say to ourselves “ahhh look at how enthusiastic that person is”. We view enthusiasm as somewhat of putting on a show for others to see and believe.  That is exactly the opposite of how Don views enthusiasm. To him, being enthusiastic is anchored on one element and that is a person who is passionate.

Passionate in a sense that you do not have to put on a show to be believable. A person that is passionate about something will conduct himself accordingly to what is required to complete a task or a certain project. He approaches such project with vigor, determination and more importantly he is true to such project because he is sincere in his actions.

By being passionate and sincere that is where true enthusiasm can be found. Only then can a person utilize the meaning of the word enthusiasm if he understands passion and sincerity.

Lastly, Don examines that last four letters of the word Enthusiasm and that is “I.A.S.M” which is an acronym for “I am sold myself.  He explains that when we are sold about something, be it a product or a service, then we honestly believe that such product or service can affect us or change us in any form that is good.  This means that when we are sold bout something, we can easily convey enthusiasm towards that something.

Applied in business, when you are sold on a product, you know for yourself that such product really works for you and the customer. Once that happens, you can easily convey your enthusiasm to the customer. You can then be passionate and sincere in selling your product which ultimately gets buyer to agree with you.

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