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How Dr. Thaddeus Gala brings together like-minded individuals for a weekend of inspiration in the fields of health, finance, and technology.




Theirs a Doctor in the house and his name is Dr. Thaddeus Gala. Thaddeus is an entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur. He owns and runs several Companies. Every year Thaddeus hosts the Guardians Annual Retreat, bringing together 500 entrepreneurs, leaders, and philanthropists for a weekend of inspiration. The event features headliners like Gary Vaynerchuk, Natasha Graziano and a host of other A list Speakers. Tickets are always sell out almost as soon as they become available.


Dr. Gala’s parents were one of a kind. His father was a Vietnam War veteran, while his mother was a grade school teacher. They fell in love instantly when they met. Within weeks, they picked up their lives and moved to the forests of Oregon.

Dr. Gala spent his formative years surrounded by nature in a rustic household. He had chickens as pets. Exercise involved cutting firewood. And winters meant finding new ways to unfreeze the pipes. Growing up, Dr. Gala always felt like the forest offered unique problems, which required equally unique solutions. Learning how to solve problems on his own led to the development of Thaddeus’ entrepreneurial spirit.


Dr. Gala’s first foray into business involved medicine. When his mother became ill with a life-threatening condition, he came face-to-face with the limitations of the current healthcare system. Thaddeus founded Complete Care, a multi-specialty clinic that advocated natural methods for pain and chronic disease. Today, Complete Care is responsible for over 50,000 patient visits a year. Last year, Dr. Gala’s mom celebrated her 75th birthday by running a marathon.

Like other great entrepreneurs, Dr. Gala is a master of the road less travelled. He has since ventured into taxation prevention and mentorship and boasts immense success in both. While he fell into both fields by accident, the entrepreneur in him recognized the opportunity, which allowed him to pursue it. This is one of the traits that separates great entrepreneurs from other businessmen.


First, opportunities are many times disguised as problems. When an average entrepreneur finds themself at a fork in the road, they may see that as a negative. But when a great entrepreneur finds themself at a crossroad, they look for the value of the options ahead. Reframing problems as opportunities may mean the difference between another bad day at the office and a groundbreaking idea.

Second, gratitude results in a never-empty cup. Each day, Dr. Gala makes time to list down three things for whihc he’s thankful. He leaves these lists around his house, so that he is constantly reminded of the many blessings in his life. He firmly believes that this practice helps him become more present. It elevates his mood, which also improves the energy of those working with and for him.

And third, environment is the single best driver of behavior. If you surround yourself with the right people, you set yourself up for success. The Guardian Annual Retreat works on this premise. Every year, over 500 like-minded individuals gather in Puerto Rico to discuss health, wealth, and impact. The Guardian Annual Retreat is responsible for the growth of hundreds of great entrepreneurs all over the world.

Dr. Thaddeus Gala – Entrepreneur

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