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E52 | Jay Rodgers Believes in a Good Exit Strategy



Jay Rodgers believes that the best time to sell a business is right when it is showing the most promise. He tells us why.





Jay Rodgers has mentored dozens of bright, young men and women into great entrepreneurs. His non-profit organization, Biz Owners Ed, teaches business owners how to “build their companies with the end in mind”.


Jay was born into a highly entrepreneurial family. His great-grandfather ran a full-service gasoline station even before there were cars in every driveway. When his father and uncle were old enough to join the petrol business, they expanded and delivered fuel to the neighboring towns. His mother and aunt ran a very successful farm that raised and sold over ten thousand chickens.

Jay’s family moved to Omaha, Nebraska when he was a teenager. Jay had always loved horses. As luck would have it, he quickly found a job as a stable hand for the YWCA. For the next few summers, he helped finish horses and design riding instructors packages for the association.


Jay graduated from the University of Iowa in 1960. Not one to shy from a challenge, he applied to Eastman Kodak, which was one of the largest companies in the world then. He was one of eight people who were hired straight from college for a mentorship programs of sorts. He spent the next two years working with the top executives from each department.

Jay was an eager learner. By the time the two-year internship was over, he had grown both as an employee and entrepreneur. After a brief tour in the army, he returned to Dallas committed to starting his own business.


Since leaving Eastman Kodak, Jay has had an unlimited breadth of experience setting up, growing, and selling businesses. He first realized that he had a knack for flipping opportunities when he sold an 11-acre lot across Madison airport for a profit. The money that he earned from this venture went into renovating a beautiful horse camp that offered summer programs for aspiring equestrians. In the 30-odd years after, he has invested in a variety of companies involved in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and banking.

His pride-and-joy to date is Biz Owners Ed. BOE is a purely not-for-profit organization that teaches entrepreneur business owners how to start, grow, and sell their businesses. With the help of other great entrepreneurs, Jay runs an annual 10-week course for a select few right in the heart of Texas.


The lessons Jay teaches his students are the very same ones that got him where he is today.

For one, great entrepreneurs know the value of asking for help. Jay is a firm believer in picking up the phone and putting yourself out there. After all, people can only say yes if they’re asked.

A great entrepreneur also knows how important it is to have excellent mentors. A good mentor can provide new perspective. But a great mentor can give much-needed direction.

Jay Rodgers will teach you how to sell your business for a profit.
Biz Owners Ed is always on the lookout for eager, young entrepreneurs who have a passion for learning. The program is free and available to all those who are interested in applying.



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