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How investing in world-class remote monitoring solutions for your goods and services separates a good company from a great one.





Inspiring entrepreneurs change lives. Bettye’s first business installed car-locking devices in the cars of drunk drivers. There was a lot of resistance to these devices because they were new. But Bettye fought for her company and what it could do. In the process, she also advocated for drunk drivers and gave them the chance to get back on the road safely.


Bettye liked to help people, which was how she found herself in nursing school. Her plans took an interesting turn when she was offered a flight nurse position immediately after graduation. Before she knew it, she was one of the first flight nurses in the country. The job was as exciting as she thought it would be. Day in and day out, she made larger than life decisions thousands of feet up in the sky. This experience prepared her for her life of entrepreneurship.

She started her first company with Dr. Thomas Frist, who later went on to found the Hospital Corporation of America. In the early days, the company’s name was RF for Roger Atkins and Fielder. The business helped placed pharmacists into hospitals and healthcare facilities on a part-time basis. Bettye learned her first important lesson early on. While they made good business as RF, their clients multiplied when they rebranded their firm as Healthcare Staff Resources. The clear and straightforward name allowed customers to find them more easily. And vice versa.


Bettye launched Smart Start in 1993 to install car-locking devices in the cars of DWI offenders. Instead of penalizing DWI offenders with jail time, she wanted to get them back on the road safely and within reason. She was met with initial resistance from the local judicial department because they thought she was belittling the drunk driving offense. Bettye made it clear that she was working for everyone’s best interests. Smart Start allowed law enforcement to monitor DWI offenders because the car-locking devices were equipped with GPS. The devices also gave DWI offenders a second chance behind the wheel.

Smart Start eventually became Track What Matters, a full-service tracking solutions company for businesses that shipped goods all across the country. Based out of Flower Fields, Texas, Track What Matters monitors vehicles, assets, and information specifically in the way each client needs.

How tracking solutions maximize gains across a distribution platform
Above all, Bettye Rodgers believes in the power of commitment.

Her companies are the result of good effort and honest work, which is part of what makes her such an inspiring entrepreneur.


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