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S2E1 | Dr. Karyn Gordon shares on Leadership & Business


Dr Karyn Gordon, through DK Leadership, teaches entrepreneurs the skills needed to turn small businesses into great ones.





Successful entrepreneurs know how to recognize and maximize opportunity. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world into lockdown, Karyn leveraged her skills and started DK Leadership. In the span of a year, DK Leadership has grown to cater to over 4,000 clients worldwide.


Karyn grew up in a family of professionals. Her grandparents had successful medicine and engineering practices. Growing up, she was very close with both of them and inherited their work ethics early on.

While her parents were not entrepreneurs, Karyn was encouraged to be one if she wanted to be. When she was 12-years old, she started selling strawberries door-to-door. This was her first experience of the entrepreneurial life, and she thrived in it immensely. She balanced business and school well until the 8th grade, when she was diagnosed with a learning disability. Instead of adding unnecessary pressure, her parents made it clear that it was enough for her to try. And try she did.


Over the next few years, she opened an arts and crafts business and dabbled in real estate. The former failed exceptionally well, but the latter was a successful surprise. When she was 20-years old, she risked all of her savings on a fixer-upper cottage, which she renovated top-down. The result was so impressive that the house was actually featured on national magazines. That cottage was also the start of a really great real estate business that lives on until today.

For some reason, she eventually found herself working part-time in TV. Her first attempt at producing a show received spectacular reviews, but her second try failed miserably. She spent two years trying to make the segment work, but it kept losing money. Most people would have given up at this point, but like other great entrepreneurs, Karyn was different. She insisted on her dream and went all-in a third time.


DK Leadership initially started out as a TV show. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Karyn recognized an opportunity. She pivoted the show into an online coaching program that was accessible from anywhere in the world. Her trademark class on leadership skills has since been taken by over 4,000 students from 17 countries.

DK Leadership is unique because it champions bite-size learning. The course is interactive and offered over a period of 6 weeks. This allows students to apply what they learn, as well as get real-time feedback from their mentors. The course has received consistently stellar reviews from its students.

As expected, the future of DK Leadership is bright. Karyn is currently working on an immersive leadership retreat for teams who want to grow together. She is also working on releasing a book.

Dr Karyn Gordon knows the science of good business.
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