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The Gap versus the Results

Let’s talk about the gap and results. The gap and results are telling for how entrepreneurs reach goals. I’m on the telephone with great entrepreneur who I’ve not seen in several years. She’s a good friend and a very strong leader. As I see her on our video conference call, it’s obvious she has lost a ton of weight. She shared “I’m down about 60 pounds”. Losing weight is a hard, difficult thing to accomplish. She had struggled with weight loss for most of her life. She would take weight off and put it back on. But this time, she felt like it was permanent. The principles that led to success with weight loss could be the same principles that lead to business success. And she said, “Don, it’s all about the gap, and the results”. Do tell the story, I’d love to hear about the gap and results. And so here’s what she told me.

The Gap Stopping Entrepreneurs from Achieving Goals

All my life, I attempted to lose weight. The struggle in achieving my goals was I focused on the gap. The gap is the unpleasant part of restricting food, alcohol and exercising. That’s where all the pain exists. Weight loss is simply calories in versus calories out. If you burn more calories than you consume, then your body loses weight. And if you do the opposite, your body gains weight. All of her life she had tried to lose weight she had focused on the gap. And that was uncomfortable, that required change and think she didn’t like it.

Seeing the Results Helps Entrepreneurs Reach Goals

We know successful entrepreneurs take actions that unsuccessful entrepreneurs are not willing to take. Previously she had focused almost exclusively on the pain. She focused on her dislike of what she had to do, what she called the gap. This time, she focused strictly on the results. She kept the results front of mind. And she enjoyed the feeling she would have when she hit that goal. Having a vision of where you want to go is job one. Vision and result are just different words for the same concept. If we focus on the end in the beginning, then we know our results or vision. We know where we’re going to end up. And we know how we’re going to feel when we arrive at the result.

I encourage you today; focus on the results, not the gap.

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