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E56 | Scotty Schindler and $1.125+ Trillion in Real Estate


How ReNet, a software program made for real estate businesses, has managed over $1.25 trillion in real estate assets over two decades.





Successful entrepreneurs know the value of trial and error. Over the span of his 20-year career, the down under entrepreneur has dabbled in many industries. Scotty has experience in insurance, healthcare, computer and information technology, and the food and beverage industry. While 99% of his ideas did not work, his experience taught him that the 1% is all that matters. He is currently the founder of CEO of a real estate company that has managed over $1 trillion worth of properties and assets.


Scotty grew up in a single parent household. As the only son among his siblings, he learned how to be proactive at a very young age. While his sisters were busy with school, he was looking for every opportunity to earn a living. He cleaned windows, delivered milk, and ran a newspaper route. He was working in a McDonald’s even before it was exactly legal for a kid his age to be employed.

Scotty’s ambition continued through to his teenage and adult years. He interviewed for his first job (as a salesman in an insurance company) straight out of high school. He stayed in the same company for 10 years. While it was not glamorous by any means, he stayed because he knew he could learn much more at work than in school. True enough, he gained business, sales, and leadership skills in that time.


At the turn of the century, Scotty decided that it was finally time to forge his own path as an entrepreneur. He quit his job as an insurance salesman and ventured into the IT industry. Over the following year, he launched a medical website, set up an online version of the Yellow Pages, and ventured into online networking. When these failed, he pivoted into online programming, which had writing computer programs to help automate all sorts of businesses. Along the way, he developed ReNet, a software program geared towards real estate companies. In a little over two decades, ReNet has since helped manage over $1.25 trillion in real estate assets across Australia and New Zealand.

His experience with ReNet has taught him two important lessons. One, it’s good business to do good. He sealed his first big contract because he always produced good and dependable work. When his client needed someone to do a big job, Scotty’s track record spoke for itself. And two, successful entrepreneurs are always light on their feet. When Scotty was suddenly faced with a limited budget, he revised the company’s systems to make the limitations work for him. His adaptability saved him from a potentially big financial hole and even furthered his success.


While he has since retired from ReNet, Scotty continues to draw from his experiences to do great work. These days, he spends most of his time teaching young entrepreneurs the tricks of the trade. When he isn’t working, he is combing the beaches for the best possible waves. Like other successful entrepreneurs, he strongly welcomes collaboration and feedback. Scotty can be reached through

Scotty Schindler

Scotty Schindler wrote the code that helped real estate businesses across Australia thrive.


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