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Our guest today considers himself a results guy but lacks in idea generation. What he lacks never stops him from creating an epic business and an epic life! What did he do to make it possible? In this episode, Justin Breen, Founder of BrEpic Life, dives into creating an Epic Life by partnering with visionaries to build successful global companies. Justin admits that there are things that he cannot do, but if you stay in your zone of genius and hire people to do things you can’t or don’t want to do. It’s the key to thriving and becoming abundant. Quench your thirst for wisdom, seep some insights, and sip to taste life in abundance by tuning in to this episode with Justin Breen today.


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Justin Breen, CEO/Founder BrEpic Life

Partnering With Visionaries Who Live In Abundance

I have an unbelievably good guest. I have Justin Breen. He is the Founder and CEO of the global PR firm BrEpic, an exclusive community platform of the BrEpic Network. He got a new book titled Epic Life. It features the foreword by none other than Dr. Peter Diamandis. It is the number one overall book for sale on Amazon Kindle, the Wall Street Journal, and the USA Today bestseller list. That isn’t easy. Justin, welcome to the show.

It is great to be here. I was listening to your interview with Preston Brown. It is such a great interview. From the trailer park went to the country club to shower because it was cheaper. He creates some massive companies. That is entrepreneur life in a nutshell. I’m excited to talk to you.

Napoleon Hill said, “Oak lives in the acorn.” The mighty oak in a person’s life started out in that trailer park. That is awesome. I want to take you all the way back to little Justin, like 5 to 18 years old in your childhood, in the home or homes where you were raised. I want to know. Was there an entrepreneurial example for you in your childhood home?

It is a good question because what Preston said is his Mensa dad. It is interesting that you ask about age five because that is when the brain starts to form and you can remember things. You are either born someone like this or you are not. I am strongly convinced about that. I was born to be this person, but the first chapter in Epic Life is about the cream rising to the top. That is something my dad said every day that he was alive that I can remember. That was from age 5 to 13.

He died when I was thirteen. He was 61 when I was born. He would be 107 now in 2023. He was a World War II hero. He was shot down multiple times in combat and many times without a parachute and got back on the plane. That is my litmus test. You are someone who can do that or someone who makes an excuse. I don’t understand excuses. It is illogical to me. Every day that he was alive that I can recall, he would say, “The cream rises to the top.” We partner with the cream that rises to the top or those that will get back into a plane without a parachute after another one has been shot down.

Aside from his military history, was he an entrepreneur?

My dad became an attorney in Nuremberg Trials and the President of an insurance company. In one of my earliest childhood memories, my dad’s best friend was assassinated in a famous gang shooting. If you saw the movie Casino, my dad’s best friend was the person who was played by Alan King, the guy who shot part in the parking lot. I write about this in the book. I remember it a little bit, but my dad was the clean guy in the organization if you want to call that entrepreneur, which I would.

TPE 37 | Epic Life
Epic Life: How to Build Collaborative Global Companies While Putting Your Loved Ones First

Mafia is a well-run entrepreneurial organization. I don’t necessarily agree with the ramifications of not doing a good job, but it is an excellent entrepreneurial organization. One of my first memories is my dad saying, “My friend was shot. We have to hide.” He tried to hide us at some friends’ houses. I remember a little of that. He was entrepreneurial.

What about this? Sometimes a person’s first paid gig as a child was entrepreneurial. They had a lemonade stand, or they were shoveling snow. Sometimes it was a job. What is the first commercial activity you did? What’s the first thing you did where you traded time, effort, energy, and brain power for dollars?

I have done hundreds of interviews. No one has ever asked me that. That is such an interesting question. Most of the people I talked to, if not all of them, started their entrepreneurial journey even before they were ten. I think you were nineteen and you were the top salesperson in the company at nineteen. I have a different type of journey. The first company is a PR firm. I was a journalist for several years and created an entire company based on how PR firms annoyed me for several years. I don’t know what PR firms do. They bothered me.

I started that six days after turning 40, after my job salary was cut in half as a journalist on February 10th, 2017, two months before I turned 40. The first entrepreneurial thing I did was when starting my first company, and the first check that said BrEpic would have been in May of 2017. It was for $500. I’m happy to get that check.

One of my previous guests, Shahar Erez, an Israeli entrepreneur, did not begin his entrepreneurial journey until he was in his 40s. He is a highly educated MBA Stanford guy, many years at HP, but didn’t start until his 40s and went from startup to $100 million exit in 30 months. Part of that was God or the universe giving him some good cards. He was smart enough to play them well.

You are 1 of 2 of about 150 interviews now that I wouldn’t even say that late. I would encourage anybody in the audience. No matter what your age is, come to light, drop the W-2, and do something for yourself. It is never too late. We are still back with young Justin, 5 to 18. Your dad tragically passed away when you were an adolescent. When you graduated high school, you followed his footsteps in the military across Europe. You went to university. What did you do?

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I did apply to be in the Marines, which would have been good, but I wound up getting a full academic scholarship to the University of Illinois. It was called the Illinois War Veterans Memorial Scholarship. You had to have a parent or an uncle who had served in either, at the time it was World War II, Korea or Vietnam. You had to have a high ACT score. I was fortunate to win that scholarship.

We could have paid for college regardless, but I’m like, “I can’t turn down a full academic scholarship to a Big Ten school.” I wound up going to the University of Illinois and majoring in Journalism. That is a big reason why I never became an entrepreneur until turning 40 because you don’t go into journalism for employee account revenue office space. You do it because of purpose, and that is what you are meant to do. I did that and still do it. I have done it most of my life. I love doing it.

Does that mean you were a reporter or a writer?

People like us are usually aliens within our own families, communities, and verticals. The only people who understand us are top entrepreneurs on the planet. When I was a journalist, it turns out I was an entrepreneur who happened to be a journalist. I never understood journalists who were writing about negative news, or if it bleeds, it leads, or political news. I don’t understand or ever pay any attention to that. I was always writing about and connecting with cool people, changing the world. That is what we do all day now.

You needed a little more time to bake before you could emerge from the oven and start your entrepreneurial journey. BrEpic is a global brand. You service what type of clients?

I’m 100% a simplifier, meaning my brain takes all this and simplifies it into patterns. I don’t know why my brain does that, but that is what it does. We only partner with visionaries who live in abundance and look at things as investments, not costs. Not business owners, consultants, or humans, just pure visionaries. There is no scarcity mindset. There is no, “What do you cost or charge?” There is only, “What does an investment would look like?”

There has been nothing outbound, sales, or any marketing gimmicks in years. It’s just to create value for visionaries, and they introduce me to awesome people. It is a lot of fun being in that space all the time. If you’re not a litmus test for the people you serve, you are a hypocrite. The purpose of my life is to be a connecting superhero for every visionary who shares their stories with the world. I’m a visionary sharing my story with the world.

We met virtually but through a mutual friend, Mark Koenig.

He is a pure visionary. He dresses better than I do. Mike and I could not be more different in terms of outward appearance and flash. He loves using the word sizzle. I like this gray shirt. I wear this shirt or one like it 5 to 7 times a week, and this hat, which has the dog chewing out of it. I wear it every day. Mike travels the world, and I’m at home with our two sons and my wife most of the time. That is a perfect example right on cue. Mike and I have the same mindset. We have the same abundance and visionary investment mindset. He is a fully visionary, fully lives in abundance, and fully looks at things as investments. All our companies are hundreds if not thousands of Mikes introducing each other.

It is hard to imagine. I may have commented, “I want to be like Mike.” I’m stealing on the Jordan jingle, but almost without a peer on the planet.

I don’t understand conformity at all. It makes no sense to me. For whatever it is worth, 1 to 2 times a day, people tell me, “I have never met anyone like you before. I have never talked to anyone like you.” I’m like, “That is the point, embracing your uniqueness.” Mike certainly does that. You do that. You realize you weren’t a conformist in human society so you created your own world, which is smart.

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You couldn’t hurt my feelings any more than saying, “You are average.” That would crush me.

We were at Abundance360, Peter Diamandis’ event. That was an average human at that event. It was 400 Mikes, which is amazing, horrifying, incredible, outstanding, and transformational. That was the average person there. It was amazing.

Thinking back on your entrepreneurial journey, can you think of a hard lesson or something that occurred that, at the time, it is like, “That hurts, burns, stings, and I do not like it?” After some time, it elapsed. You looked back, and you said, “Now that I have the perspective of time, it was a positive for me, but it did hurt at the time.”

My brain turns everything into patterns. This is what separates entrepreneurs from humans, consultants, and business owners. I have not met one person like us. I’m not talking about the silver spoon. I’m talking about a true entrepreneur that started something from nothing. I have not met one of those people that hasn’t overcome at least one of the following four things. Almost everyone I talk to now is 3s and 4s, and most of those are all fours. These are the four things that separate entrepreneurs from humans.

1) Bankruptcy or potential bankruptcy. 2) Depression. 3) At the highest level of anxiety that you can imagine. 4) Likely and/or possible experiences as a child or young adult. For humans, business owners, and consultants, those are excuses. That is what entrepreneur life is. I’m 3 of those 4. The only thing I haven’t had to worry about is bankruptcy or potential bankruptcy.

The biggest lesson with those four things that I learned in several years of being an entrepreneur was, at the end of 2018, I had made more money in one year than I had ever thought possible because that is not why you go into journalism. I had never been more miserable in my life. I’m like, “That is interesting.” At the time, it was painful. I’m glad I went through it because I learned that more money doesn’t equal more happiness.

To me, it is a magnifier. If you are grateful and joyous, you will be more grateful and joyous with more money. If you are anxious, depressed, and fearful, more money will make you more anxious, more depressed, and more fearful. It magnifies what you do. It’s not the be-all and end-all, but it does mean you can go to better places and stay longer. For the normal entrepreneur, it is come and go a couple of times in a career. Non-entrepreneurs think it is all that straight line, but it is not. Almost every entrepreneur’s had their toes dangling in the abyss, looking out over their toes.

I have several friends that are former US Military Special Forces. When you listen to them recount Seals, Marine Recon, or the training that buds all that they go through, it becomes evident that the soldiers, sailors, and Marines that achieve that level are the people who won’t quit. That is the common denominator. They are not the biggest, strongest, or toughest. They just will not quit. Entrepreneurs have a similar gene somewhere.

Entrepreneurs are the most damaged people with the best coping skills, the most depression, anxiety, trauma, and potential bankruptcy, but they have the highest IE, EQ, and the most hustle. My father was shot down multiple times in combat and many times without a parachute. He wrote a diary from the Battle of the Hürtgen Forest towards the end of World War II. It is a deadly battle. I found that after he died. Every day, it gets more horrific, but that is entrepreneurial life. You can do that, or you can’t. I don’t understand people would quit. That makes no sense to me. I don’t even use the word failure even though I did, but the real failure is quitting. That is the only way to fail.

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Many people from the outside view “failing” as the opposite of success. In fact, it is a necessary component.

It was interesting because I brought those four things up. What happens is people talk about, “I got a car. The revenue is up.” I talked to them about the four things. Almost always, now they check and check. They start talking about who they are and what is behind their success, which are those four things. I was talking to one of Africa’s top entrepreneurs who’s made and lost millions if not billions. He took it a step further. He was like, “You have to go through those four things.” I don’t necessarily agree with it, but he was adamant about it. He was like, “That is how you transform from pride to purpose. The only way to transform from pride to purpose is by going through all four.” I thought that was interesting.

I love what you said about the person that you are because I have known this about myself, and it is true of humanity, is that most people are two people. They are the person who is out in front of the curtain, the onstage person, the person they want the world to think they are, and there is the other person, the real person who is behind the curtain, who knows things that they don’t share, tell, and demonstrate. The real magic for me happened, and Mike get some credit for this. It was when I poked my face through the curtain and stepped to the front. That person who had been front stage vanished. I encourage my clients to step through the curtain into who they are.

You are being a litmus test for the people you serve. Otherwise, that is logical. The ones that are not being litmus tests for the people they serve, or they are doing something that isn’t the same thing for the people they are trying to help, is pointless. How can you help people if you are not helping yourself first or being an example of yourself? It is illogical.

You cannot pour into other people if you are empty.

It makes no sense. You are a logical person. I’m guessing a lot of that is learned. What happens is you talk to people like this, whether it is recorded or not. The only difference between this conversation and most of mine during the day is this one is recorded. When you talk to people like you, Mike, or Preston over and over, you see the patterns and things. The ones that are “successful” are litmus tests for the people they serve. They are doing the same thing for themselves first.

I will give you an example of what my brain does with the patterns. I keep making bigger investments to be in smaller rooms, but the people in those rooms are making bigger impacts. It is the same formula. Bigger investment, smaller room, and bigger impact. That allows me to spend the biggest investment in the smallest room, which is my family, where I can make the most impact. It is the same formula.

How can you ask people to make bigger investments in you or your company if you are not personally making bigger investments to be in smaller rooms? It is illogical. You can’t ask people to make bigger investments than you or your companies if you personally are not making bigger investments than others or other groups. That is not how it works.

Let’s talk about PR for a minute. I know a fella in Dallas who was a many-year television reporter, Jeff Crilley. All I know about PR, I learned from him. He said, “I don’t know that much.” His core skill was he could get a story, and he could meet a deadline. That is important in that world. Give us something that our readers can say, “I got something I know about public relations.”

At the highest level, there is no competition, only collaboration. The formula for creating a successful global company is surprisingly simple. You see a problem, create a solution, problem solved, and be a successful global company. All I hear from all these visionaries is they saw a problem, a gap, a loophole. They created a solution. They did it. They solved it and became a successful global company.

I hear the same problem, “We are tired of being secret. We want to be in more news media.” It is usually at a global level to create validity and credibility. If you want to call that PR, that is fine. They share their stories. I was a journalist for many years, and I created an entire company. My first company is based on how PR firms are annoyed. It is to solve a problem and create a solution.

My company’s solution is it is on the website. There are no tricks or gimmicks. Anyone could take it, but anyone at the highest level would never do this themselves. They would find the best people to do it. That is flying the plane here. I will even land the plane, which I don’t like to land the plane. I’m going to do it. The company’s entire process is on the website. There are no tricks and no gimmicks. I have no idea what PR firms do because it is never on the website.

I was annoyed for several years receiving hundreds of press releases every single day from people I don’t know. That is a problem. All my firm does is it writes stories similar to what I did as a journalist. It becomes a link on the partner’s website under news or blog. It looks like a story you see in the Dallas Morning News. Take that link and pitch it to media all over the world. Media is interested because of years of trusted relationships. They want to do a story and introduce a partner to the media. They then do the interview. Problem solve and successful global company. It works for any company and location.

The only vertical we completely ignore is politics because it is the opposite of visionary abundance at best of mindset. It is not that I don’t like it, but instead of action, it is cost instead of investments. I ignore it completely. Any great entrepreneur would completely ignore politics anyway because you are going to get stuff done regardless of who is in charge. Those are partners all over the rural world, all verticals, and all company sizes. That is immaterial. We only partner with visionaries.

TPE 37 | Epic Life
Epic Life: Politics is the opposite of a visionary abundance investment mindset. It’s argument instead of action. It’s cost instead of investment.


We are coming into the home stretch. I can see the checkered flag out in front of us, but I’m going to ask you the tough question now. I will put you in a time machine and send you back to talk to twenty-year-old Justin. You get a couple of minutes to share with Justin something you know you wish he knew then that would have sped or eased your journey somewhat. What do you tell your twenty-year-old self?

I wouldn’t have changed anything. I’m glad this didn’t happen, but I would have taken one entrepreneurial class in college taught by an actual entrepreneur. I still don’t know what an S-Corp is because that is funny not to learn what that is. I didn’t know you had taxes four times a year. I didn’t know any of that stuff. It was great because I started with a foundation of things that I never cared about anyway. I could focus as much as I could on purpose, which is what I did as a journalist. It has now exponentially grown. It would have been nice to know what the entrepreneur world even was because I had no idea this world even existed until starting. It has been fun.

When I started my first company a long time ago, I did not know what a P&L was.

I have no idea what that is. What is a P&L?

Your profit and loss statement. I had no idea. For our readers, don’t let what you don’t know to intimidate you. Start ugly, start where you’re at, do what you can, and take the next step. That is how you do it.

I will even double down on that because what you said is important. There are things that a child or a monkey can do that I cannot do. Holding a pencil is hard for me. Tying shoes or putting on my children’s bike helmets is difficult. I can do it, but it is hard. I will walk away from a puzzle. In terms of connecting people on the global level and getting them into media, not only is that fun and I’m good at it, but I love it.

I never get tired of it. I stay in my zone of genius and unique ability, which is a strategic coach term or MTP, moonshot, and I hire other people to do the stuff I don’t want to do or I don’t do it. I’m a good dad, a great dad, and a decent husband, and I’m good at this but no other skills. I know what I’m good at and what I like to do. Regardless of what business you are in, the key is doing what you like to do and what you are good at.

TPE 37 | Epic Life
Epic Life: Do what you like to do and what you’re good at.


There was a book on leadership that came out a couple of years ago, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. It talks about everybody has a zone of incompetence, competence, excellence, and magnificence. Even when you use that word, most people withdraw a little bit. They are like, “That is a big word. That is a heavy word. I don’t know that I do anything magnificently.” I’m like, “I assure you do.”

The interesting slant they had was that the zone of excellence, where you do things better than most people in the world, is a dangerous temptress because, as opposed to your zone of magnificence or zone of excellence, there is little to no risk. You know you are good at that. Brené Brown would say, “You are swinging in the wind. You are vulnerable.” You don’t know what’s going to happen. You can’t control the outcome. That is where you can be your best.

One of my first speaking engagements was with Mark Koenig. I was walking out on the stage. There were 300 or 400 people in the room with full lights and a monitor. I felt like I froze for a minute. I walked out there. I couldn’t find anything to say, and I stood there like a big cow for a whole minute. I didn’t say anything.

What was interesting was this. I was fortunate enough that people came up and wanted to talk to me, which was nice and also meant they were customers. Nice people are nice, and customers are nice too. A good friend of mine was complimenting me. I’m like, “What about that minute when I froze?” She looked at me and said, “What are you talking about?” When I went back and watched the video, I did freeze about a second.

It slowed down that much for you.

What I would compare it to is the person who is in a car wreck and says, “I could see the car coming. I could see their facial expression. It got slow” It didn’t get slow. The phenomenon there is your brain gets fast.

One, that is interesting. Two, I could picture standing in front of the crowd and standing frozen. That would be interesting to see. There are two times that I feel like what you described. One is if I’m driving, I like having a fast car because it helps me focus. I’m driving a car over 130 miles an hour. My car will not allow me to go much faster than that. They put some restrictor plate in it, which is annoying, but I’m total focus. The second time was skydiving, free falling through the air. It couldn’t have been more than ten seconds of free falling, but it felt pure calmness and focus.

We may be brothers from other mothers. I love gravity, roller coasters, double black diamond ski slopes, cars, and trucks. I love gravity, and I love to feel it in volume and intensity. I’m going to be in Africa for a few weeks. I’m blessed, fortunate, and grateful. Somebody asked me, “Are you going to swim with the great whites?” I’m like, “Yes, how could you say no to that.”

That is my five-year goal. We have a vision board upstairs. One of the five-year goals is to swim with great white sharks.

I’m going to do mine from the cage.

My wife is a pediatrician. She thinks the opposite of us. This is how I parent my children. This is not a joke. It is going to sound like a joke, but I’m being serious. Silly, okay. Stupid, not. Swimming with great white sharks in a cage is silly. Without a cage, that is stupid. The other advice I have for them is a misdemeanor is okay, and a felony is not okay. My wife was like, “Go to school and learn.”

My boys are both grown, but when they entered high school, I can remember telling them, “This can be a pleasant time. It also can be a brutally unpleasant time, but it is temporary. Once you are out of high school, you will be out three months, and it will feel like you are out three years.” The big goal is this. You are going to make some mistakes. That is all right. Don’t make big mistakes. Don’t get dead, pregnant, or addicted. There are a couple of don’t gets. Other than that, life is about learning. I was fortunate to raise independent and strong children.

There is nothing even in the same ballpark, but by far, the best part is the kids get to see this world even exists. They can do whatever they want with it. Most people don’t know it even exists. They are not even aware of it. My kids, whatever they want to do is fine, but I’m glad they have this foundation of understanding the global nature of our world, how fast things are coming, why it is important to connect with the right people, and not be afraid to take risks. It is a wonderful thing to give them this foundation. That is what I’m most grateful for by far.

I want to highlight something you said. You said, “I see patterns.” We live in a crazy world of what everybody’s referring to as AI. My personal slant in AI is we use several tools for several specific purposes. I love that, but to me, the machine is not intelligent. The machine has processed unbelievable amounts of data in a supercomputer and is able to recognize patterns far beyond what a human can do. When you do a prompt with ChatGPT or any of the others that are out there, it is performing what a Google search bar would do except on steroids. It is looking at much more data. Because it has some language processing laid on it, it is able to appear to talk to you.

What is happening is the data has been turned into numbers. Your prompt gets turned into numbers. The processing power does pattern recognition. He recognizes patterns. It takes the numbers it gives you and translates them back into words. It is a valuable skill for a human to recognize patterns because what we forget is this. Every 100 years, you get all new people. Institutional knowledge goes forward at a snail’s pace because every 100 years, you get new people. It is helpful to recognize powers.

My favorite one is right mindset attracts the right network. It creates the right opportunity. The right mindset attracts the right network. The wrong mindset attracts the wrong network and creates no opportunity. Visionaries live in abundance and look at things as an investment cycle. That is the right mindset that attracts the right networks and creates the right opportunities. I found all this other stuff takes care of itself. That is one.

Two, I’m a 100% simplifier. Everything is a pattern. I came back from Abundance360, which is the top AI, futuristic, any who of anything was at that in terms of technology. That is great. I’m thankful for that. There are two things that will never change. This has been proven every 100 years and 1,000 years. One is the power of real human relationships. Two is the power of storytelling, hieroglyphics, smoke signals, the Bible, and the Constitution. We are a world of storytelling. AI is great, but all AI to me is it will create better human relationships and better storytelling.

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I love that. How can our readers reach you? How can we support you? Is there anything I can do for you? Three questions and one, how do we reach you? What’s the easiest way to get in contact with you?

This is a tremendous interview. I’m looking forward to seeing your score. You have to be at least an 8 Quick Start. I’m going to guess you are a 5-3-8-2.

I’m writing it down to see if you are right.

Mike is like a 3-2-9-5. A maniac is a compliment to me. He is a full maniac. I’m 8-6-7-1. You will never meet another 8-6-7-1. I have never met one. There is one reason why I’m saying it. It is There is a mindset scorecard survey. It takes five minutes. It is through the strategic coach platform. What I have found is qualified people disqualify themselves with their own mindset, and people like taking it. That is on the site.

Is there anything the show can do for you?

It would be interesting for everyone to take their Kolbe. The only thing I write down before I meet someone is their name and their Kolbe score.

I’m going to take it now.

You are a high Quick Start. We only partner with visionaries. Almost always, there are exceptions. I’m an exception. A true visionary is usually 8, 9, or 10 in Quick Start.

I love all of the assessments. I can remember the first time I did Myers-Briggs. I was contemplating going into partnership with a gentleman. He wanted me to take it. When it came back as INTJ, which there is not a whole lot of us out there, he was like, “It is wrong. There is no way you are an introvert.” I was like, “I can do the extrovert thing, but I charge my batteries and refuel alone.” I can do the extrovert thing better than a lot of extroverts, but only for a while.

You are an ambivert. If you are around people like us, you are an extrovert. If you put me around regular humans, I’m the biggest introvert. You could put a lampshade on my head. I’m useless. My wife says three words to me before parent-teacher conversations, “Don’t say anything.” I don’t say anything. I just stare. The teacher was like, “Do you have anything else to add?” I shake my head. I’m not allowed to talk.

My wife sometimes says, “Please be good.”

I see patterns. Not always, but usually, people like us marry stabilizing humans. People like us go, “Is your spouse a teacher, a social worker, an engineer, or a lawyer?” My wife is a pediatrician. They are like, “How did you know that?” I go, “Imagine marrying yourself. That would be a bad idea.” That would be horrible, but it does happen.

Occasionally, a visionary will marry a visionary. One of two things happens with that. One, it is the greatest life of all time with endless adventures, swimming with great white sharks, no cages, and attacking the great white sharks. You are both going for it. More often than that, it is a complete disaster because there is no stabilization and multiple divorces. That is why people like us marry stabilizing humans. What does your wife do?

My wife is an artist.

What is her degree in?

Her degree is in Fashion Design, which is art. She is a painter. It is common for somebody to say, “She is joyful.”

People meet us. They were like, “You are kind.” I used to have all these parties and stuff pre-COVID. I start doing it again. My wife is kind, loving, warm, extroverted, and pretty. It is fine, but people get confused. They were like, “This doesn’t make any sense.” I’m like, “It makes perfect sense.” My wife takes more chances in life. I’m sure your wife does too. She made you a human.

She certainly makes me far better. There is no doubt about that. I’m a better human unit with my wife.

You got a 155 IQ person. One hundred forty is genius. You are way above that. That is not a compliment. That is true. You are like, “I’m a better human unit because of my human wife.” She was like, “What are you talking about? Stop that.”

She knows when to ignore me.

My wife was like, “How do you talk like that all day?” I go, “This is how I communicate.” I see people as numbers. She was like, “You have to stop doing that.” I go, “That is how I see the world.” That is fun because some of that rubs off on that. They are like, “Let’s go swim with sharks.”

I have so enjoyed our time together.

It is hilarious. Congrats on being a human, by the way. Good job.

I want to encourage our readers to be better human units. It is in your power. You can do it. It is not that hard. You just have to want to. That’s the first step. It has been a fun day, Justin. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful.

You are great. I love it.


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