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E1 | Inaugural Episode: A Gift to Entrepreneurs - - Proven Entrepreneur PodcastWelcome to the very first episode of the Proven Entrepreneur. This episode is the inauguration, the launch, the maiden voyage, the virgin run, the Big Kahuna of this podcast. Don Williams, the host of The Proven Entrepreneur podcast. Don Williams is a serial entrepreneur for 35 years, a consultant over half of the Fortune 500, a Million Dollar sales consultant, and if anyone is looking for an increase in revenue for their business, they should seek a consultation with Don because he will help them get that million increase in revenue quickly and easily.


Inaugural Episode: A Gift to Entrepreneurs

He spends most of his time helping people, mostly entrepreneurs make more sales, raise their prices, and enjoy their life as an entrepreneur. In times of the global pandemic, many people, especially entrepreneurs, lost their business, experience a decrease in sales, downsized, devastated. He can’t stand to help these people so The Proven Entrepreneur is his way to give back to entrepreneurs all around the world. Last spring, he facilitated a huge town hall, where he helps tons of people get their Payroll Protection Loans, some got idle loans, some got both. Most recently, they helped people secure their round two of Payroll Protection Loan or also called 3P loans. He’s been on webinars with 2000 people talking about how to protect their cash and how to pivot to keep their business alive and start their business during the time they live in.

In this show, the Proven Entrepreneur, he’ll share things he learned working with major corporations, and more importantly, his guests will share their success stories and you’ll see the likeness of your story to theirs. If the listeners will listen closely, they will have a lot of takeaways in this podcast, the listeners will learn how to enjoy life as an entrepreneur while enjoying time with family and their life. This podcast will bring the audience and listeners real entrepreneurs, real experts who will share their real success stories. This is going to lift the hood and see where these guests and experts won, lost, succeeded, failed, and persevered. They’ll pull back the curtain and drop that Comodo. This podcast will share the actual blueprint on how these successful entrepreneurs built their successful businesses and share real strategies across many, many industries. The guests in this podcast are varied and diverse.

The listeners would want to tune in to every episode, the podcast will have women, men, people of every race and nationality, billion-dollar entrepreneurs to the best and brightest college students enrolled in the finest University entrepreneurship programs across the globe, and don’t forget, little companies like Facebook and Google started in the minds of college students and went on to become Titans in the world of business. They’re going to hear and learn from real experts, real entrepreneurs in legal acquisitions, capital markets, marketing and sales, operations, customer experience, human resources, time management, company culture, exits, leadership, and more.

They will get intimate with customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer wins back. Because we all know it’s all about the customer all the time, they will talk on every topic in entrepreneurship, from soup to nuts.

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