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Let Fanny Dunagan teach you how creating consistent thoughtful content, generates warm leads and lands you more clients.

Content Creation Launches Successful Entrepreneur

Fanny Dunagan is a successful entrepreneur. She focuses on high-yield tasks, leverages her skills, and builds opportunities.

A Successful Entrepreneurs’ Young Start

Fanny’s grandfather was a first generation immigrant in Toronto. Her Grandfather opened a Chinese medicine shop soon after moving, it was understandably a family affair. Fanny remembers spending summers in the store while her grandmother and mother stocked shelves and counted inventory. Her first foray into entrepreneurship was behind the cash register.

Fanny had the world set out before her. She played the piano and loved math and science. She was a civil engineering major in university. As luck would have it, she spent a semester in Singapore as an exchange student during her senior year. She fell in love with Singapore. Almost immediately after graduation, she flew back east to take a corporate job in transportation planning.

Quick Transitions

Fanny spent the next few years building roads and traffic systems. While she loved her job, poring over numbers and Excel sheets became a little tiring after five years. The transition to business consulting almost came too easily. She had recently gotten into training, change management, and communication. When her husband had the chance to move to the United States to open a consulting firm, the decision was easy.

They settled in San Antonio, Texas and helped aerospace and defense companies and technology firms build their brands. A work week involved flying out to see clients on Monday, pitching on Tuesday and Wednesday, and flying back on Thursday. The work was exhilarating.

Steady Middle

When Fanny and her husband, Ryan, decided they wanted kids, they knew they had to slow down. Fanny took on part-time hours when she was pregnant with Mia, and then became a stay-at-home mom when she had Tristan.

Fanny started to miss work when Mia and Tristan grew older and more independent. She was in the corporate world for so long. In a lot of ways, it was all she had ever known.

She started volunteering to teach second language classes in a local outreach center in Grapevine. As her students graduated one by one, she recognized a need to help them find jobs. She organized a job fair with two other volunteers. That job fair became a series of career fairs for the community. She marketed these events through LinkedIn and Facebook. The rest is history.

Successful Finish

These days, Fanny Dunagan is known as the leading content strategist on LinkedIn. She is also the mastermind behind talent acquisition and content creation for SAP, the world’s #1 cloud business software company.

At the onset, she had her hands in everything. She was a successful entrepreneur, content strategist, wife, mom, and daughter. The most important lesson she has ever learned was that this was not sustainable. Today, she concentrates on her strengths, hires for her weaknesses, and delegates non-integral tasks.

A successful entrepreneur knows that excellent marketing is dependent upon the quality of the content being delivered. Content should educate, inform, inspire, and entertain its audience. Fanny Dunagan has this down to a science.

Her current motto is to “do things scared.” Curating an online presence is so central to being discovered in this age, and there is little room for doubt. Content creation starts by getting your message out there. Take the video, even if your voice is shaking. Share your message, even if you feel your voice is not loud enough. And #shareyourlight because that is the only way anyone will ever see it.

Fanny Dunagan is the mastermind behind creating consistent content.

Fanny Dunagan is the mastermind behind creating consistent content.

For fun and for work, Fanny Dunagan can be found creating posts and sharing content on LinkedIn.

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