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How Cortex Construction has delivered over $40 million in housing and real estate contracts in just a little over 10 years.




Inspiring Entrepreneur Eric Robb Makes Dream Homes

Eric is the founder and President of Cortex Construction, a well-known construction contractor based in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

A Businessman At Heart,

Eric was a natural. Back in his high school days, he spent a lot of his weekends in Six Flags. One afternoon, he noticed a large, empty lot next to the theme park. He got the great idea to partner with the charity that donated the land. He ran a valet parking service over the next few summers and got his first taste of a real entrepreneur’s income.

High school eventually gave way to an economics degree in Texas A&M. Like most inspiring entrepreneurs, Eric had an independent streak. He put himself through university working odd jobs here and there. Upon graduation, he applied to a number of different companies, as was expected of business majors. He tried employment for five years but found that it wasn’t a good fit.

A Natural At Construction,

His first foray into entrepreneurship involved military imports. For 10 years, he brokered deals for antiques, surplus items, and firearms. It was good steady business until it wasn’t.

He pivoted and fell back into his first love, which was construction. Eric got his first experience in the industry when he was only 14-years old. At that time, he was hired to make small woodwork items for $2 an hour. In between classes, he would be at construction sites all over the city, working on his craft. Despite the long hours, he enjoyed the work immensely. And when he needed to restart his entrepreneurial journey, construction was the easy answer.

Eric launched Cortex Construction in 1999. Cortex Construction is a full-service construction contractor company that buys, renovates, rents, and sells commercial and residential properties. It specializes particularly in home and business remodeling and renovations.

As of 2017, the company has completed over $40 million in contracts. It is bonded, insured, and accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

And An Inspiring Entrepreneur

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Eric Robb

To date, Eric’s largest deal earned him $100,000 in the span of 90 days. But things aren’t always this easy. If Eric has learned anything over the last couple of years, it is that entrepreneurship is exceptionally difficult. He has lost friends, business partners, and money. Half of his mind is always thinking about the next big move, but the work itself is also always rewarding. He has high hopes that Cortex Construction will enter the next decade healthily and well.

Eric single-handedly runs one of the best-rated construction companies in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.

Recently, Cortex Construction has expanded their services to include insurance claims. Any clients who need Eric’s services can reach him through

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