Whose Perspective Is More Important?


In this episode Don discusses a simple but vital term that will aid any entrepreneur in the business world. That word is called perspective.  By understanding the concept perspective, any person can improve his communication with anyone, be it of any setting in business or in life and inevitably, because of its effective use, influence the other.

Whose Perspective Is More Important?

According to webster Perspective means a mental view or prospect or he capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.

This perspective or point of view is especially important for someone to understand when we want to exert certain form of influence on another person.

Let us face it, in the real world we cannot force any person to do anything, it must be by his own will that he or she will do something. However, when put forth our influence then perhaps we can sway that person to the direction that we aim for.

Now in any personal interaction, be it our colleagues, friends, or business partners, how can we truly communicate with them? How can we understand their thoughts or motives?

Enter the vital role of perspective or point of view. As Don asks, who’s point of view is the most important? Of course, it is the point of view of the other person.

When we try to really know the perspective of the other person that we are communicating with, then we have the chance to place ourselves in his shoes. Only then can we understand where he or she is coming from. Only then will we get the sense of what the other person is trying to communicate towards.

Now, in the business world, we can all agree that communication is very vital and more so is the understanding of perspective. It is during those times in business, when we want to make a deal, prove a point, or let others know our way of thinking, that we should be aware of the point of view of others, so we can communicate properly with them. We can then discuss the proper pros or cons of a certain deal or explain to them the value of a certain business or strategy that we are proposing.

As Don puts it, it is only through perspective that we can put on the glasses of another and see for ourselves their thought process in our communication with each other and by doing that, we entice the other person to listen and hear us more. The more the other person listens to us, the more he understands and that slowly trickles down in exerting our own influence towards them, in arriving on our desired goal.


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