When you heard romancing your customer, one might think that it is inappropriate but in Don’s book and today’s episode, it was discussed that there is nothing wrong with romancing your customer. Romancing the customer is merely trying to see things from the customer’s perspective and providing them exactly what they want. For example, one customer wants to buy the latest clothes that can be found in the latest fashion trends magazine, as an entrepreneur, you would be looking for the current fashion trends and current fashion styles so the customers may be attracted to check out your business because that’s what they’re definitely looking for.

What Does Romancing Your Customer Means?

Webster defines romance as an emotional attraction, or an area belonging to an especially heroic era, adventure, or activity. The Almighty, all-knowing Google says romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love, passion, adoration, devotion, more affection, fondness attachment, as in their romance blossomed now. Not everyone is given a gift of a romantic gene but being romantic can be learned especially when you are truly passionate about the business.

How is being romantic learned? The entrepreneur should be aware of the appropriate things to watch in

a business setting and their appropriate business setting where the owner of the business is trying to do the best that they can do for their prospect, their team, and themselves, that has huge benefits in acquisition, retention, win-back, both customers and teammates. Love is more than a feeling, it’s a verb, an action word that most people do, whether for family, for friends, colleagues, and customers. Romance on the other hand almost always has a degree of surprise or mystery. So when you look at the customer journey map very carefully and put the romancing your customer eyeglasses on, the entrepreneur will see things from the customer’s point of view, the customer’s point of view will be considered every step of the way, and the best experience will be delivered to them.

If you’re an entrepreneur that is still not doing applying this behavior, why don’t we stop and check for a moment, are we considering the needs of the customers? Do we meet what they really want and if so, what are the other steps that we can take for the business to look at the customer’s perspective. In that way, the business will not only be loved by the current customers or the regulars the business has, but they may also introduce new customers because they were romanced or they received loved from the business.

They feel important and cared for so the word of mouth will do its magic and more customers will be attracted to purchase and support the business.

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