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How Trent Clark went from coaching the Baseball World Series to training and consulting for some of the largest names in business.

Trent Clark Shares Challenges of Great Entrepreneurs

Great entrepreneurs know the value of hard work. Trent may know this better than most.
He started out as a professional Major League Baseball player but gained recognition as a 3-time World Series
coach. His unique experience on both sides of the field gives him excellent insight into the business of sports.

A good role model provides direction

Trent grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In a lot of ways, his dad shaped his
understanding of what great entrepreneurs were like. As a kid, Trent was very close to his father. When he
started on his first newspaper route, Trent always found his dad waiting for him at the end of the street. They
had breakfast together as a sort of celebration for years.

Trent also got first-row seats to his dad’s accounting business. Trent’s father was a
college professor and accountant. He started out by helping his friends with their taxes. When word got out
about how good he was, Trent’s dad woke up to a line of clients outside his door. This accounting business
funded Trent through school and his many baseball events.

Trial and error can give clarity to great entrepreneurs

Trent grew up deeply immersed in sports. He started out with tennis but eventually fell
in love with baseball. He spent years training to play at the MLB level, but reaching that level of play was
just out of reach. When he was offered an assistant coach position for the Cleveland Indians, he jumped at the
chance. By 1995, he was coaching in the World Series. Today he has three Wordl Series rings.

Like other natural entrepreneurs, Trent dabbled in a number of different businesses over
the years. He offered private training sessions briefly and designed gyms for people’s homes, but he found these
ventures difficult to scale. In 2018, he found his way back into coaching through his company Leadershipity.
Leadershipity consults on leadership development and serves aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.

All of Trent’s clients learn two very important things.

One, hope is not a strategy. Success requires forward planning and commitment. Good
entrepreneurs put in the effort, but great entrepreneurs keep it consistent.

Two, effort beats talent every single time. The grit formula proposes that talent and
effort make skill. And skill and effort result in achievements. Trent knows the benefit of hiring players who
know how to work. Players who want to work out perform better players who may not be willing to work. Greatness
is a product of repeating the best work over and over until it becomes second nature.

Leadershipity offers business consulting, leadership development, and executive coaching services for individuals and teams.

Leadershipity offers business consulting, leadership development, and executive coaching services
for individuals and teams.

Trent Clark is in a constant search for leaders with a desire to grow. He can be reached
through LinkedIn, YouTube, or Leadershipity’s website.

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