The Concept of "Wow"




Don talks about the concept of wow, what is it, and how it is obtained. It is his most favorite subject, and after this episode, he hopes that the listeners will apply the concept of this three-letter word, liberally to every area of their life. 

The Concept of Wow


What is this three-letter word, Wow? Wow is defined as an expression of astonishment or admiration. It may also mean a sensational success. It is like when rating something and considering 10 being the highest, that Wow starts and it exceeds perfection when something is scored 11 to infinity.


In business, when you look at customer experience, and what the customers experience with the company and the approach of that company is from the perspective of Wow, they will deliver the experiences where they literally hear the word, wow, from their customers. When the customer has that experience, it will deliver far better experiences. And when the company delivers far better experiences, the customers will swarm to that business, they will spend far more dollars and they’ll stay much longer.


If a company practices this concept of wow, the customers will refer the company to their friends and family. For example, in a clothing boutique, if the customer receives a wow service, and they feel important because the people who assist them know the right fashion style, current fashion trends, and types of fashion trends. The staff members of that boutique treat the customers as VIPs and this will cause the customers to recommend the boutique to their friends and families. When this happens, they almost can’t stop the process.


Once the company gets it started, it’s simpler than it sounds, merely by saying they want to deliver experiences at a level of Wow, they’ll begin the process of elevating the customer experience. There are lots of companies that deliver the level of Wow experiences to their beloved customers, most of them are big ones like American Express, Disney, and a lot more.

They do this religiously that they are the standard by which all others are judged. And if an entrepreneur applies that to their company, they will make more money and have more customers.


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