The Breadstick University with Tammy Moore

The founder of San Diego’s beloved restaurant chain, long-term YPO member, wife of a US Navy SEAL, Tammy Moore, shares her success and failure stories of her businesses, the rapid growth, and the barriers that she encounters while doing her businesses.

The Breadstick University with Tammy Moore

The moment of conception for Tammy Moore is when she learned that money gives her freedom and that was when she was about the age of 14. Independence was given to her and was allowed to work during that age. She learned that independence came from freedom of working. During her first part-time work, she knew that she will be in sales. In the 90s, their company is a down supply business but innovation becomes their blockage and barriers, they thought of selling Greek salad and breadsticks instead because they figured out that they can’t compete with the internet. They opened their first 1200 square foot restaurant and deliver the warm buttery breadstick and an amazing Greek salad to each of the customers that set their foot at the door of that restaurant. From that, the first restaurant, they grew their business to 23 stores in total. And the one thing that separated them from everybody else, how they got that valuation was always the plan for it, build 25 restaurants by a certain time and sell it all. So that was really easy decision making all the way does it get them to the 25 restaurants in the period that they want and the valuation so every decision was based on that.

They even grow the restaurant without proper marketing.  No dollars for marketing didn’t stop them. They went and marketed anyway. And then as often happens when they deliver a phenomenal experience, whether that’s a product service, met doesn’t matter.  They deliver that phenomenal experience. Other people become fans and so they went to talk to the radio personality and somebody else said their breadsticks are awesome. And it’s always better when someone says good things about the company, that carries so much more weight.

It was also stated that to achieve the success that the business is aiming for, it should be all about the people. Without the people to grow, they’re just going to go at the pace of where they can attract the right people. The other thing that is a game-changer is the career roadmap.  During the orientation, the first four days, the company is leaving an impression on that team member.

Are they a lifer? Are they falling in love with you? Do they feel like they’re part of the family, those first days, they’re either connected or not. And so then the business would hand them this career roadmap and let them choose where they want to go. If they’re coming in as a dishwasher, they can be a general manager, this is the path they will have to take. These are the milestones they have to want to go achieve. And it was laid out for them.


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