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Listen in and hear how Tricare delivers service worthy of our Nations’ Veterans.

Spectacular Service for a US Navy Veteran

Exceptional Customer Service

I would like to share a Romancing Your Customer moment. This is a wow moment in customer
service from a major company. Successful Entrepreneurs many times provide exceptional customer service. The
entrepreneur or the owner has knowledge of most customer interactions. Entrepreneurs know that the success of their
business is dependent on people saying positive things about their business. Happy customers spend more money. Call
a big company like Facebook, Google or Apple and try to get somebody on the phone, it’s hard. Some big companies
kind of lose the hunger to provide an exceptional customer service story.

How Tricare works with Qualified Veterans

I have a family member who is a 33-year veteran of the United States Navy. We’re grateful
for his service. When you retire from the US Military with at least 20 years of service, Tricare is your Medicare
health plan. Tricare is about the best health care coverage you can have. He mistakenly enrolled in a Medicare
Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage plans work well for a lot of people. But it’s a complication if you are fortunate
enough to have TRICARE for life. TRICARE for life members have Medicare as their primary insurer, and TRICARE as
their secondary. And a Medicare Advantage plan actually replaces Medicare. Then the Medicare Advantage acts as both
your primary and secondary. Medicare Advantage plan members can experience co-pays, and providers that are out of

Here’s the Exceptional Customer Service Story

My mission is to help the Veteran disenroll from the Medicare Advantage plan and resume
coverage with Tricare. My first call was to TRICARE for life. In the first call, I get a customer service agent who
asks if they can place me on hold for a moment? I reply sure. Instead of placing me on hold, and I’m going to give
them the benefit of the doubt, I think they hit the wrong button. But they disconnected me and all of us have
probably had an experience like that, trying to get customer service. I didn’t get excited, I didn’t hold it against
them. I placed another phone call got another customer care agent. And this time I’m a little wary. Was the hangup
an accident or an indication of the level of customer service that they normally provide. But the second agent that
I got hold of was so helpful, so knowledgeable, and so caring about this veteran’s health care service. She just
blew me away. When you receive excellent customer care – please do what I did, and share a compliment with your
service provider. Let the know that you had a great experience. That they did a good at job. And that you’re
grateful for their help.

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This post is about Tricare and an incident where Tricare provided exceptional customer service.
Great healthcare coverage for qualifying US Veterans.

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