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Natalya’s Success Story as an Entrepreneur

Natalya Berdikyan and her Proven Entrepreneur Story

My interview for her Proven Entrepreneur Story began with our sharing one good thing with each other. One good thing is a gratitude exercise. You share one thing which you are grateful with another person and then other person shares their one good thing with you. My one good thing was that I’recovering from an allergy induced eye infection, and I’m happy that my eye is returning to normal. Natalya shared that she was grateful that during the pandemic she had been able to travel between Brussels, Berlin and Barcelona. And that she was grateful she was helping other entrepreneurs lead and live to their full potential.

The Basics of Energy for Leaders and Successful Entrepreneurs

Core energy coaching is a process that supports people. It’s the awareness of whatever exists at the core of their thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Energy effects the way we work, exist in our community and touches every area of our life. Energy plays a big role in determining the experience a person enjoys. For example, if you believe it’s really a bad day then you feel mentally down and that affects you mentally, emotionally and physically. You experience lower motivation, lower engagement and lower performance. Your energy effects every single thing you do. Energy affects every action you take and every action you do not take.

Entrepreneurship – the Beginning to Now

Natalya’s first job was selling vegetables and fruits from her grandmothers’ country garden at the Russian market. She prepared the crops, delivered the crops, attracted the clients, negotiated the prices, and made her grandmother happy by bringing in the money. Natalya has lived in Russia, the United States, Holland, Spain, the Canary Islands, Belgium and now resides in Barcelona, Spain. Her entrepreneurial journey has progressed from her Grandmothers’ garden to her current global business Life By Design.

One thing Natasha would change about her Entrepreneurial Journey

“I’d tell my younger self to listen to my intuition and don’t allow anything to get in the way of your dream”.

Life by Design & A Closing Word from Natasha – “Be Your Best You”

The Company helps entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations live to their full potential. Life by Design expand borders and boundaries. Nothing works in isolation. We use a science-based approach to ignite the greatest energy and engagement. Strong energy leads to higher performance, sustainable results, fulfillment and satisfaction. “Be the best version of yourself. There are no limits to growth”.

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Entrepreneur Natalya Berdikyan shares her success story of owning multiple businesses around the world.
Proven Entrepreneur Natalya Berdikyan

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