Perspective in Life Makes a Huge Difference Especially in Business with the President of Vistage, Conor Neill


Connor Neil, all the way from Barcelona, Spain, is a professor of leadership and currently serves as president or chairman of this stage, Spain.

Perspective in Life Makes a Huge Difference Especially in Business with the President of Vistage, Conor Neill

One of the most important phrases in business, do the next right thing. That phrase is one of the most powerful phrases in business as discussed by Connor Neil. It is do “the” specific and not do “a”, you got to know what you’re doing. So for “the” to apply, you got to know where you’re going to the action, do “the” next. One of the ways to do nothing is to be thinking about the 100. And the next thing, the only place we can make a difference, is right here right now. And some people’s minds are thinking about the 100 things, they’re not here, you go to the next thing and trust that the next thing is the right thing, then the word right.  This is the most important part of it all in the journey of an entrepreneur, a sense of what right is.  What’s the path to the next million right next thing, but the right thing, and the right thing comes from each of us. The right thing differs in each people because the right thing for your friend may not be the right thing for you and the right thing causes a whole bunch of questions in people’s head, who they are, what should they do and the business for each people differs from each other.

Every people experienced adolescence and has different experiences and stories about that part of their life. Most common is,  people often think that when their parents, whether it’s the father or the mother, restrict them on doing everything they want to do, they think that the parents just want to ruin their life but later in life, you’ll realize, what you think is a tragedy when you were adolescent, you’ll have a different perspective about it,  20 years after. You’ll view life differently and with that perspective, it might lead to the moment of inception of the idea of entrepreneurship.

It goes even further than that. In life, there are always going to be some detractors. But all the world loves the real personality and none of the worlds has time for the facade. We see that so much today with social media people projecting who they want the people to think they are that has no relationship to who they are. Being the real person you are, takes a lot of courage and encouragement from the people surrounding you, so don’t be afraid and show everyone the real you.

In business, a little resistance is generally healthy. To the average entrepreneur, when it’s a little too easy. That’s generally not healthy, somehow. But when things are tough, when an entrepreneur feels on the outside, that they didn’t sell at the opportune moment and things out of control, close that window. And when those things happen, those challenges that are when the entrepreneur get better, and when we perform at our best.


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