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I am a champion of gritty teams and solutions. When someone has a problem, I am unable to sit still- instead, I jump into action and develop an out-of-the-box strategy. I am creative and resourceful when it comes to solving problems. People say I am tenacious, and that is an advantage when posed with an issue. No challenge will ever beat me.

JP Midgley and the Avalon Success Story 

The Avalon Technology Success Story

Today our guest is JP Midgley, CEO of Avalon. JP is from Buffalo, New York. JP and I met each other through Entrepreneurs Organization. EO is a Global Peer Group of 14,000+ Entrepreneurs. JP is a co-author in my upcoming Gratitude book.

Proven Entrepreneur Success Stories

Avalon’s primary business is litigation support which involves copying or scanning documents associated with a lawsuit

or in support of a law firm. We do small to massive campaigns involving 100,000’s of documents. Over time that’s changed from paper records to digital. Avalon collects email, server-like digital files; build databases and help attorneys get through the review of those to the other side. 

Avalon has been around for 21 years starting in May 2000. JP started as an employee and later had the opportunity to help the business grow in those early days. JP had the opportunity to buy the business from the original founder. There were a number of friends and family investors, and JP bought them out to new companies. 

The Avalaon client base is National. Avalon has nine physical facilities. The Company started in Rochester and Buffalo, New York. Later Avalon expanded to Cleveland, Tampa, Omaha, Grand Rapids and Detroit. Avalon provides near real time service in those cities, and their tech team performs across the entire country. 

JP was an entry-level customer service representative when he started. He rose through the ranks and helped grow the business. Ultimately JP bought the business.

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JP Midgley, CEO Avalon

In business, a little resistance is generally healthy. To the average entrepreneur, when it’s a little too easy. That’s generally not healthy, somehow. But when things are tough, when an entrepreneur feels on the outside, that they didn’t sell at the opportune moment and things out of control, close that window. And when those things happen, those challenges that are when the entrepreneur get better, and when we perform at our best.


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