From Doubt to Wow


In the past episodes, the Proven Entrepreneur has been talking about the Concept of Wow. It is on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best, the customers will say “Wow”, and this “wow”, starts at 11 and goes to infinity. In today’s episode, witness how a company delivers a WOW concept as Don William narrates his experience from an unexpected flight booking to a “Wow” experience.

From Doubt to Wow

As Don narrates it, he was doubtful when his wife booked their plane tickets to Thailand for a conference. He was told by his wife that their luggage and they will be picked up from their house by a driver and will transport them to the airport. At first, he thought that his wife got it all wrong or read it wrong because he never experiences that ever even if he’s flying a lot. On the day of the flight, they heard a knock at the door and to his surprise, there is a man, well-dressed in a suit and told them that he will pick them up for their flight to Thailand. He will transport them and their luggage to DFW International airport.


He said, “Wow”, because this never happens to him ever and it doesn’t stop there. When they reach the airport, their escort is the one who checks them in and their luggage. In confusion, he still is wondering what is happening and why are they doing that. Then they board the plane and they haven’t gotten on their seat, the attendant approached them, call him by his last name without checking his boarding pass, and asked them if they want to see their wine list, then he said yes. To his surprise, they do have a wine list. He ordered and they delivered him a 13-year-old wine, on an airplane. Then they took off. Flight Dubai is 16 hours and an additional six to seven hours on to Bangkok. It was a very long flight. The attendant asked them if they want a mattress, Don thinks that it is ridiculous so he said yes. Again, to his surprise, the attendant brought them a four-inch memory foam mattress and the sheets are like 1200 thread count cotton sheets. At that point, he thought that it can’t get any better, but he was proven wrong.


The attendant informs them of the meal schedule and asks them if they want to be served earlier or later because that is cook to order. Another Wow moment. After those, there is wow moment after moment in that flight and And then of course, when they’re coming back, the process is repeated in reverse.

So on the concept of while when the company makes up their mind to try and deliver wow experiences to their customers. That’s the first step in actually delivering those wow experiences. And when they do, they’ll become lifelong evangelists. And that trip and those wow experiences were provided by Emirates air.


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