Channeling Out the Inner Entrepreneur in you with Chris Do

Chris Do, part of a family of refugees from Vietnam, left the country on April 30, 1975, the collapse of Vietnam due to communism, landed in Kansas City, Missouri, narrate how he accidentally become an entrepreneur right after he graduated from art school. Let’s find out in today’s episode the power of manifestation and being around the right people for the success of your business.

Channeling Out the Inner Entrepreneur in you with Chris Do

A book by john Fitzgerald called the adventures that a great brain was about a family of three boys who grew up in the Midwest at a turn of the century. And so the great brain, as described by his younger brother, who wrote the story, was always concocting the schemes to swindle the kids out of their money. And back then it’s like a penny could buy you stuff, a lot of things. And so he’d always invent different things. And we’d go on this crazy adventure of the great brain. And I read this, and I didn’t know at that time, but the great brain was an entrepreneur, he figured out how to use a smart and give the people, his classmates, and his friends what it is that they wanted. And he found a way to profit while everybody was happy. So the great brain was out fishing, and he would sell what he caught to his neighbors. This book inspires Chris to manifest that he’ll be successful one day. Little did he know, that manifestation is so powerful, it leads him to his very first investor.

Entrepreneurship is releasing your inner artsy fashion style. In business, we should be mindful of who we interact with and who we connect with because we might be speaking with the future investor in our dream company. Having a great business plan and gaining trust from those people will be plus points for you in every aspect of your business career, in whatever industry you are in, whether it is knowing current fashion trends because you’re in the clothing designing industry or designing or creating multimedia for the companies,  and while doing this, eagerly and whole-heartedly, it will just be passed by you and you won’t notice that your company is already skyrocketed its sales. But if one is any kind of true entrepreneur, definitely one will have a book deep of failures. And it’s just how those failures were processed and how determined one should be to obtain that future success.

Most of us were in our comfort zone, and we like it there because it’s comfortable. And when we step out of our comfort zone, that’s uncomfortable. But the physics portion is once one steps out of their comfort zone, that comfort zone expands to encompass that step also.

So don’t be afraid to get out of that comfort zone, even an introverted person, but the world needs to hear one’s unique voice and to learn the things that one has to offer, and there’s a lot to offer. And no matter how much it makes the skin crawl, and the panic attacks that an entrepreneur is going to have, push through it, persevere, and you will be rewarded for it.


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