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How Beverly Hills Publishing utilizes the power of branding to create purpose, build relationships, and go beyond business.

Andréa Albright Publishes Great Entrepreneurs’ Books

Great entrepreneurs do several things well. Andréa is no different. She is an accomplished author, a health and fitness advocate, and the CEO of her own company. She is on the show today to talk about her entrepreneurial journey.

Great Entrepreneurs are Called to Communicate

Andrea’s mother was a psychologist, and her father was a writer. Needless to say, the Albright household loved to talk. Andréa discovered her love for writing at an early age. When she wrote her first book, it felt like a natural extension of how life was at home.

Her first official job was in sales in Radio Shack. She learned all the sales tricks on the fly and was absolutely amazing. In a matter of months, she was the fourth leading salesperson in the entire district. Sales eventually gave way to a more permanent position in corporate America, where Andréa worked for a number of years. But the days blurred together quickly. And the “a-ha!” moments were few and far in between. At 26-years of age, she decided to search for greener pastures. Today, Andrea is the founder and CEO of Beverly Hills Publishing. The publisher is a multi-million dollar publishing agency that specializes in writing, printing, and marketing books for thought leaders across the world.

Powering through challenges

Despite what it looked like, the road to success was paved with some difficult moments for Andréa. One of her most defining experiences involved a painful divorce. It was a particularly dark period during her life. But it also forced her to reevaluate her goals. Coming out of it, she realized that she had a bigger vision for herself. While her books had reached millions of readers, she knew she could do more. As a result, she repackaged Beverly Hills Publishing as a publishing and marketing powerhouse and offered services from the pre-writing until post-marketing stages. She now counts doctors, great entrepreneurs, real estate moguls, and investment analysts among her clientele.

Branding is especially close to Andréa’s heart. She strongly believes that the power of a great brand goes beyond the confines of a business. Brands attract customers even as the CEO sleeps. The CEO’s only responsibility is to dream big and market appropriately.

Andrea Albright is disrupting the industry by being the first publishing and marketing firm combined.
Andrea Albright is disrupting the industry by being the first publishing and marketing firm combined.

Great entrepreneurs stand to gain a lot from Andréa’s marketing expertise. Aspiring authors can send in an application through

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