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Allison and her team are the world leaders in scaling business. They regularly turn 7-figure companies into 8- and 9-figure businesses without fail.

Secrets for Successful Entrepreneurs with Allison Maslan

In the last 12 months, she’s become a multi-awarded book author and the executive producer and host of her own TV show. Allison has founded 10 companies in the last 25 years. She credits her victories to her father, who mentored her from her very first lemonade stand.

Businesses are Built Outside Comfort Zones,

Allison’s grandfather owned a women’s clothing store in Kansas City. When her father inherited the business, Allison started tagging along. She learned the ins and outs of business at an early age.

Allison’s personal journey with entrepreneurship started with a journalism degree in Arizona State. Halfway through school, she realized she could earn good money writing poems for her friend’s birthdays and anniversaries. She was at a party one night when she met a woman who put in an order for 10,000 “Thank You” cards. The woman worked for MCI Corporation, the second largest long-distance provider in the United States.

Allison’s greeting cards business took off after that, but it wasn’t necessarily easy. After fulfilling the order for MCI, She cold-called regional locations across the country. She met with marketing agents and had her products placed in brochures and TV commercials. Despite hating public speaking, she pitched her business to potential customers as often as she could. When she was 25-years old, she had a full-fledged advertising agency on her hands.

Strengthened Through Grit,

Through the years, Allison has learned a few important lessons:

One, businesses run on relationships. Like other successful entrepreneurs, Allison’s father ran his companies like he was taking care of his family. Everyone was an important player. Allison’s father respected his peers and staff equally. When Allison built her own businesses, she made sure to apply this practice as a blanket principle.

Two, if you want something, you should go ahead and create it yourself. In the early days, Allison often learned as she went along. She said yes to MCI without knowing how she could fulfill the order for 10,000 greeting cards. But the only way she could have pulled it off was to try.

Three, people can be whoever they want to be in life. As children, we’re often taught to pick a career and commit to it. Allison’s experience has taught her that several paths are possible as long as the right support systems are in place.

The Successful Entrepreneur & Pinnacle Global Network

Allison’s most recent and greatest pride and joy is Pinnacle Global Network, which scales 7-figure businesses into 8- and 9-figure companies. Pinnacle Global Network is built on Allison’s SCALEit Method, a five-step approach that involves strategic vision, cash flow, team alliance, leadership, and execution. The strategy is so consistent and effective that Pinnacle Global Network is responsible for over $2 billion in combined member revenue.

Like other successful entrepreneurs, Allison has capitalized on her expertise well. The “SCALEit Method” is now available as an award-winning book titled “Scale or Fail”.

Allison Maslan is the founder of the SCALEit Method.
Allison Maslan is the founder of the SCALEit Method.

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